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AltiReport is a web-based reporting application that can generate up to 40 detailed CDR reports, including personalized reports according to agent, workgroup, and DNIS. A report summary and analysis is also available for each report.

AltiReport supports multiple users through unique login credentials.  Each user can setup customized queries, maintain "favorite" reports,  and setup automatic report delivery via email through customized schedules.

Available Reports:

Agent Report
  — Activity Event
  — Call Detail Report
  — Performance Summary
  — WG Calls and Direct Call Activity Summary Report
  — State Summary Report
  — WG Inbound Calls Summary Report
  — WG Outbound Calls Summary Report
  — Direct Calls Summary Report
  — Call Volume Analysis
  — Average WG Call Handling Time Analysis
  — % Contribution to each WG (Inbound/Outbound)
  — WG Call Handling Time Distribution

Workgroup Report
  — Call Detail Report
  — Agent(s) State
  — Agent(s) Performance Summary
  — Agent Call Activity Summary with % Analysis
  — Agent Call/Time Contribution % Comparison
  — Inbound/Outbound Call Summary with % Analysis
  — Inbound Calls Wait Time Summary
  — Inbound Call Handling Summary
  — Outbound Call Handling Summary
  — Inbound Answered Call Wait Time
  — Inbound Abandoned Call Wait Time
   — Inbound Overflowed/Redirected Calls Wait Time
  — Inbound Calls Answering Time
  — Outbound Call Handling Time
  — Inbound Call Priority
  — Cumulative Inbound/Outbound Call
  — Cumulative Inbound Call Wait Time
  — Cumulative Inbound Call Handling
  — Cumulative Outbound Call Handling
  — Total & % Inbound Calls ANS/ABN/OFL
  — Total & % WG Inbound Calls in Queue
  — Average Call Handling Time
  — Total Outbound Calls
  — Total Outbound Calls Handling Time
  — Daily Max Number of Calls in Queue
  — Daily Longest Queue Time
  — Daily Real Time Service Level

DNIS Report
  — Call Detail Report
  — Call Summary

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