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How VoIP Works

The All-in-One VoIP Phone System Platform

The AltiServ platform is the foundation of every AltiGen IP phone system, pre-packaged with powerful functionality.
The phone system includes all standard PBX functionality, and can support all Voice over IP (VoIP), analog, or a combination of both. The phone system is easily scaled in both size and capability. All day-to-day management of the phone system can be handled in-house. AltiGen Phone Systems utilize the following components and software:


Mobility: Bring Your Office Extension with You Anywhere

Many manufactures are touting “Mobility” as the latest buzzword. However, all mobility solutions are not the same. And more importantly, mobility without accountability can be risky. With AltiGen's unique mobility solutions, your company can realize all of the benefits without the risk.

Benefits of Mobility:

  • Current or prospective customers can
    always reach employees.
  • Traveling employees stay connected to
    the office.
  • Sales spends more face to face time
    with customers.
  • Key employees that move can be retained full or part time.
  • Company can search for employees outside local area if necessary.
  • Office overhead reduced with remote employees.

AltiGen phone systems offer multiple mobility options:

  • Extension Anywhere - Activate any telephone (cellular phone, home phone, etc. ) as a fully capable office extension. If the employee has access to the Internet, AltiGen’s call control software can be used along with the home phone or cellular phone. This provides all of the benefits of a Voice over IP phone when a reliable high speed connection is not available. While a VoIP phone is fantastic as a fixed solution, the flexibility of ExtensionAnywhere gives you a solution that can be molded around countless remote employee environments.

  • One Number Access - A revolutionary capability released as part of the standard AltiGen system in 1996. Allows specific callers to reach you at up to four different telephone numbers. If call isn’t connected, caller has the option of leaving message or dialing another extension.

  •  VoIP - AltiGen has had reliable VoIP capability since 1999. An AltiGen Voice over IP phone or AltiGen software based Voice over IP phone allows someone to operate as a regular extension or even as a call center agent anywhere a quality Internet connection is available.

A customer calling in doesn’t need to know your employee isn’t sitting at a desk in the office. Using Extension Anywhere or Voice over IP, you can transfer, intercom and conference even when you’re not in the office.

Limiting Risk
AltiGen is capable of operating as the company “report card”. All activity may be monitored, measured and managed the same as an employee sitting in the office. With call detail reporting
and even automatic call recording of remote calls if required, you have complete control of how remote employees are working.

Mobility Challenges:

  • Is the remote employee able to work independently?
  • How are they spending their time?
  • Are they as productive as employees in the office?
  • How difficult/expensive is the technology to allow them to work remote?
  • What will they not be able to do compared to employees in the office?
  • Will your current management/supervision tools work for a remote employee?

With AltiGen

  • All of the benefits with none of the risk

Call Detail Report

Automatic Call Recording

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